BlockchainSQL Server is a software that builds and maintains an SQL Server database version of Bitcoin data. It currently only supports Bitcoin (BTC) and SQL Server. BlockchainSQL Server runs as a GUI application on Windows Platforms, but can also run as a console application on non-Windows platforms. BlockchainSQL Server can run as a stand-alone application or a windows service. As an application, several utilities are available to the user such as installation of the service, generation of blockchain databases and rapidly scanning Bitcoin Core node data. In addition to the Windows Service, BlockchainSQL Server provides a self-hosted web-application can also be installed that provides a user-interface into the blockchain data.


This section discusses the installation process for BlockchainSQL Server.


Before installation, you will need to:

For optimal performance it is recommended that:

For optimal security ensure you have two usernames

See Database Security for permissions configuration.

Generating Databases

BlockchainSQL Server allows you to generate a database directly for testing and development purposes via the Generate Databases tool.



The username used here is only for generation process and not stored anywhere, thus it is safe to use system administrator account.

Generation of the blockchain database can also be done within the Installation Wizard in the Web Settings screen.

Generation of the web database is done within the Installation Wizard in the Blockchain Database screen.

Database Security

For development scenarios or an insecure scenarios, you can simply use the system administrator account sa for service and web-server installation. For optimal security it is recommended that your database have two users: